in my kitchen. 
In my kitchen, cooking is about creativity. It’s a sensory experience which can be playful, intriguing as well as extremely delicious. Due to health reasons, I started cooking plant-based for myself years ago. 
By cutting out dairy, I have been able to manage Irritable Bowel Syndrome which has allowed for a better quality of life. Because of this, I have an understanding of underlying health issues and this is reflected in my cooking. 
Asides from plant-based cookery, I also specialise in gluten-free baking (bread and cakes). This has given me a fantastic range of ingredients to play with such as psyllium husk as a useful alternative to gluten. Psyllium husk is also an excellent substitute to egg in vegan cooking, as it binds and gels well. 
By experimenting with unexpected ingredients, my repertoire has now expanded to delicacies such as sweet potato truffles and tofu mousse. 
Plant-based food can be delicious, and I feel there is a need to eat more consciously than ever before because of the growing implications agriculture has on the environment and climate. Eating green is the way forward. 
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