client reviews. 
The plant-based workshop gave me a better understanding of how to cook vegan on a daily basis. Anna Carina was both generous and pedagogical in sharing tips and tricks on how to take vegan to a new level. 
She was well prepared and made it possible for us to cook a complete and lovely main of vegan omelette, a colourful salad full of flavour, jackfruit stuffed sweet potatoes, a tasty romenesco dip and a delicious lemon mousse. The time was well allocated and I was full and happy, with recipes and leftovers to take home by the end of the day. New experience and inspiration have proven very useful in everyday cooking as well as cooking for special occasions. Thank you Anna Carina, I’d like to come back again. 
Dorthy Rasmussen, Senior Executive Human Resources, The Danish Ministry of Taxation, Copenhagen, Denmark. 
Anna Carina makes beautiful and tasty meals! She’s creative, hardworking, dedicated, has a great knowledge of food and is easy to work with. 
At Mundekulla Retreat Center, Anna Carina has catered beautiful plant-based lunches and dinners for our retreats, both independently and as part of the team. I totally trust her in the kitchen- she gives her best to create a wonderful, delicious and healthy eating experience. 
Stephanie Verstift, Manager & Head of Kitchen at Mundekulla Retreat Center,Mundekulla, Sweden 
I can highly recommend Mullins Beets as a wonderful and convenient way to create a 'private restaurant' with your friends without all the extra hassle. 
Anna Carina was professional and took great care of the various elements of the meal including shopping, cooking and serving a tasty, colourful and simply delicious three course meal. We all enjoyed the creativity in the vegan dishes. I can highly recommend Mullins Beets as a wonderful and convenient way to create a ‘private restaurant’ with your friends without all the extra hassle. It was also great that Anna Carina took the time to introduce the servings and answer all sorts of questions that popped up about vegan cookery. 
Eva Hoeg, Senior Consultant, The Capital Region of Denmark, Copenhagen, Denmark 
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